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A Short Story

Founded in 2020, Illustrated Voices was created to empower artists impacted by, and passionate about, social justice. Within the Bay Area communities, several needs were discovered:

  • A need to foster creativity – a space to share ideas and be innovative without inhibition.

  • A need to provide art education – offer more equitable opportunities to learn about visual expression and the creative arts.

  • A need for advocacy – support and resources for all to share concerns of social inequities.

After identifying these needs, Illustrative Voices was forged. An art education non-profit organization focused on empowering all to visually express narratives of what social justice looks like.


A Longer Story

How It All Began

In response to increased acts of social inequities and racism of 2020, Illustrative Voices wanted to make a stand and take action through visual storytelling and the creative arts.


Artists and designers were invited to participate in Illustrative Voices’ inaugural art exhibition Social Injustice & Compassion to showcase their personal visual narratives of social inequities. Three additional exhibitions were also created: Broken, a social inequity exhibition about Bullying, Oneness, a social inequity exhibition about Identity, and Devotion, a social inequity exhibition about Love & Affection.


Illustrative Voices' current team members were all artists who participated in Social Injustice & Compassion art exhibition!


Since its inception in 2020, Illustrative Voices, a 501(c)(3) non-profit art education organization, has hosted more than half-a-dozen art exhibitions, engaged in a cross-section of youth and adults from all backgrounds, and helped develop artists' visual communication and art skills to collaboratively serve their communities.


In addition to featuring artists in quarterly exhibitions, offering art classes & tutoring, coordinating community projects, and hosting advocacy lectures and workshops, Illustrative Voices hosts their annual social inequity art exhibition Think Out Loud (formerly Social Injustice & Compassion) every July.


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What’s Makes A Logo?


The tiger, often represented as one of the greatest earthly powers, is considered to be a protector over human life. The tiger embodies the willpower, grit, and personal strength that Illustrative Voices aims to provide and protect.


As an organization focused on empowering all to visually express narratives of social inequities and visions of what social justice looks like, our logo is a symbol of hope and strength. The tiger is a visual reminder that we have the ability to transform negativity into wisdom, and possess the mettle to speak-up through means of the visual arts.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

Leonardo da Vinci