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A Short Story

Illustrative Voices is a diverse and inclusive artist community.


Founded in 2020, Illustrated Voices was created to empower artists impacted by, and passionate about, social justice. Within the Bay Area communities, several needs were discovered:

  • A need to foster the creative arts – a space to share ideas and be innovative without inhibition.

  • A need to provide art education – offer more equitable opportunities to learn about visual expression and the creative arts.

  • A need for art advocacy – support and resources for all to share concerns of social inequities.

After identifying these needs, Illustrative Voices was forged.


What’s Makes A Logo?


The tiger, often represented as one of the greatest earthly powers, is considered to be a protector over human life. The tiger embodies the willpower, grit, and personal resiliency that Illustrative Voices aims to embody and exemplify.

Our logo is a symbol of hope and strength. It is a visual reminder that we all have the ability to transform negativity into wisdom, and possess the mettle to speak-up and initiate positive social change through means of the visual arts.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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