Illustrative Voices hosts quarterly exhibitions throughout the year that focus on a variety of social inequity topics and themes. Art exhibitions will be hosted more frequently in the near future.

Our exhibitions are open for all to apply. There is no application or exhibition fee.


April 15 - May 20

Breaking Bread is an art exhibition about  how foods of diverse cultures and ethnicities have been affected by social inequities. 

Illustrative Voices challenged local Bay Area artists to share their visual narratives about how food from their culture has been stereotyped, appropriated, or exploited by others. How has it impacted access to food resources and food services?


We also encourage artists to visually share how their culture’s foods have been celebrated and appreciated within their own culture and ethnic groups, as well as by others.

This art exhibition is hosted at Tea Lyfe in Saratoga, CA. We are extremely grateful for the collaboration and support provided by our friends at Tea Lyfe.


“The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.”

Joan Miro