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About Illustrative Voices.

A Longer Story

How It All Began

In response to increased acts of social inequities and racism of 2020, Illustrative Voices wanted to make a stand and take action through visual storytelling and the creative arts.


Artists and designers were invited to participate in Illustrative Voices’ inaugural art exhibition Social Injustice & Compassion to showcase their personal experiences of social inequities. Three additional exhibitions were also scheduled to be released between July 2020 and April 2021: Broken, an exhibition about social inequities impacted by Bullying; Oneness, an exhibition about social inequities impacted by Identity; and, Devotion, an exhibition about social inequities impacted by Love & Affection.


Illustrative Voices' team members are artists who were invited and participated in the inaugural art exhibition Social Injustice & Compassion.


Shortly thereafter Illustrative Voices became a 501(c)(3) non-profit art education organization in July of 2020. Since then Illustrative Voices continues to engage in a cross-section of youth and adult professional, recreational, and amateur artists from all backgrounds to help develop visual communication and art skills, as well as empower all to visually express their experiences of social inequities and visions of social justice.


Illustrative Voices hosts their annual social inequity and social justice themed art exhibition Think Out Loud (formerly Social Injustice & Compassion) every July.


For more information about Illustrative Voices and what we do, feel free to reach out at and join our monthly newsletter!





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