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Power Boost Your Art Game

Illustrative Voices (IV) offers free individual and group tutoring for members and non-members of all ages and experience levels. In Fall of 2021, we will offer both in-person and virtual tutoring sessions.

Individual and group tutoring can be schedule weekly and are 15-30-minutes long. Group tutoring is available for groups no larger than five. Appointments can be made at least 24-hours in advance. Walk-in appointments will be accommodated as scheduling permits. Members are not required to have all of the necessary art supplies and/or equipment but it is recommended. In Fall of 2021, we will offer both in-person and virtual lessons. 


Tutoring sessions are not the same as private art lessons. Learn more about private art lessons.


About Tutoring Sessions

IV’s Tutoring sessions features:

  • Assistance in traditional and digital art mediums

  • Assistance in Art History

  • Dedicated attention, emphasizing problem solving solutions

  • Portfolio reviews


Tutoring sessions are offered in:

  • Art History (Introduction to Art, analysis of western and non-western traditions in the visual arts)

  • Character Design

  • Digital 3D-animation (Autodesk Maya)

  • Digital Drawing technique (Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Procreate)

  • Linear Perspective

  • Traditional 2D-animation (Hand-drawn)

  • Traditional Drawing technique - Dry Medium (Graphite, Charcoal Oil and Chalk Pastel, Color Pencil)

  • Traditional Drawing technique - Wet Medium (Brush Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Micron Pen)

  • Traditional Painting technique (Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor)

  • Visual Storytelling (Storyboarding and Sequential Art)

For more information about appointments and scheduling for Individual or Group Tutoring click here.

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