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Focus On Your Art Game

Illustrative Voices (IV) offers private art lessons for members of (Kids, Youth, Teens, Adults) and experience levels. In Fall of 2021, we will offer both in-person and virtual lessons. IV offers our community access to a complete, comprehensive art education. A complete art education program starts with private art lessons, and builds upon those lessons with art theory classes and art foundations classes.


Private art lessons are $65/lesson, take place once a week at a regularly scheduled time, and are 60-minutes long. Members are not required to have all of the necessary art supplies and/or equipment but it is recommended. In Fall of 2021, we will offer both in-person and virtual lessons. 


Private art lessons are not the same as individual or group tutoring sessions. Learn more about tutoring here.


About Private Lessons


IV’s Private Lesson program features:

  • Instruction in traditional and digital art techniques, styles, and practicums.

  • Faculty of recognized professional artisans and educators

  • Celebrated Teachers, recognized for their extraordinary professional experience

  • Individualized attention, emphasizing development of solid art fundamentals


Private Lessons are offered in:

  • Character Design

  • Digital 3D-animation (Autodesk Maya)

  • Digital Drawing technique (Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Procreate)

  • Figure Study

  • Linear Perspective

  • Portraiture

  • Traditional 2D-animation (Hand-drawn)

  • Traditional Drawing technique - Dry Medium (Graphite, Charcoal Oil and Chalk Pastel, Color Pencil)

  • Traditional Drawing technique - Wet Medium (Brush Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Micron Pen)

  • Traditional Painting technique (Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor)

  • Visual Storytelling (Storyboarding and Sequential Art)


Private Lessons include:

  • Discounted Foundations and Electives Series curriculum classes

  • Foundations Series classes offer additional training in art theory, technique with the medium, composition, and craftsmanship

  • Elective Series classes offer additional training in design theory, industry trends and practicums, composition, and craftsmanship

For more detailed information and to register for Private Art Lessons click here.

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