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Art Education curriculum


Illustrative Voices offers art classes and workshops for all to learn new skills and improve upon their existing ones.  Illustrative Voices offers three Art Education programs:

  • Foundations Series

  • Electives Series

  • Lecture Series


Art classes and workshops are free for members.  Art classes and workshops are $10 per session and are available to non-members.

Foundations Series and Electives Series


With the guidance of art instructors, students explore their creativity in a variety of Foundations Series and Elective courses. Register for just one, or try them all!


Foundations Series

These courses cover fundamentals of drawing and painting.  These 2-hour classes focus on technique and medium practicums, and are offered twice a week.

Foundations Series Courses:


Learn the basics of form and value through the application of  light and shadow patterns, perspective, proportion, and composition in drawing.

Color Tiles

Color Theory & Design

Learn about color harmony and unity in designs through the selective use of color schemes, saturation, temperature, and value contrast.

Still Life Painting


Learn the basics of form and value through the application of  light and shadow patterns, perspective, proportion, and composition in painting.

Electives Series

These are 1-3 hour workshops that cover visual elements and fundamentals important to storytelling and illustration.  They focus on creativity and developing individual style. They are offered once a week.


Electives Series Courses:

Figure Drawing

Learn basic human anatomy, form, and structure.

Heads & Hands Drawing

Learn the basics of head anatomy, structure, and facial feature design.


Learn the basics of visual storytelling, character design, and narrative composition.

Special Needs Classes and Programs


Servicing all members of the community we offer integrated special needs courses and programs in all of Illustrative Voices’ classes and workshops.  We also offer additional weekly special needs classes in the visual arts that are designed to provide hands-on and interactive arts experiences in a supportive, encouraging, and inclusive learning environment.


As part of each special needs class, the students are celebrated through various visual art performances and exhibitions.

These classes and workshops provide another layer of belonging and a welcomed place in Illustrative Voices’ artist community.

Lecture Series


Our Lecture Series discusses various topics related to Visual Storytelling and Social justice within the Visual Arts.  Lectures are given by our Advocacy Director, as well as regularly scheduled and rotating Guest Lecturers. Lectures are offered bi-monthly every 2-weeks. Topics and content are continually rotating.



In addition to our weekly classes Visual Arts 1-on-1 and group tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from15:00-18:00.


  • 1-on-1 Tutoring sessions are offered in 15’ and 30’ sessions.

  • Group Tutoring is available for parties of 3-5 people, offered in 30’ and 45’ sessions.


Tutoring is free, but appointments must be made at least 24-hours in advance.

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