Meet the people who are the driving force behind our organization.

The Team


Recreational Therapy Director

Russell Jensen

Superpowers: Super Agility, Plein Air Painting

As a both a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and practitioner of Gestalt therapy we are thrilled to have Russell on board as our Recreational Therapy Director.


Russell brings his experiences fostering curiosity, compassion, imagination, creativity energies to this role, as well as his experiences as an avid oil painter.


Exhibitions Director

Michael Granville

Superpowers: Super Speed, Composition

As a practicing artist and exhibiting artist Michael brings his years of experience to Exhibitions Director with much enthusiasm and excitement. Michael is tasked with organizing and developing the themes of our Social Justice art exhibitions.


Micheal also owns and runs a successful all-inclusive fitness program G:FIT, and hosts a combined workshop series of fitness and art called Artletics.


Creative Manager

Oscar Lopez

Superpowers: Super Strength, Figure Painting

A native of Mexico City, Mexico, Oscar is ready to bring his years of art experience to this role. As the Creative Director, Oscar is tasked with the development of the public art and special projects offered by Illustrative Voices.

Oscar is an established and sought after muralist, and is currently collaborating with another local Bay Area artist on a commissioned mural for the City of Los Altos.

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” 

Oscar Wilde